Collection: Moonstone

    Moonstone is a very special gemstone, part of the Feldspar family, sodium potassium aluminum silicate. There are many different varieties and colors of Moonstone: white, pink, grey, yellow, green or brown. Moonstone can be opalescent, glowing with a sheen of color, called the schiller (adularescence), this occurs as light is refracted between layers in the stone.

     Moonstone got it name in ancient times when people used to think that moonbeams were trapped inside the stones, the Romans believed that moonbeams were frozen in the stones, other cultures believed the stones were created by the moon.

     Moonstone can be transparent or more opaque with flashes of blue, the highest quality stones have more flashes of intense blue. Rainbow Moonstone can reflect many colors as well as blue like yellow, green, pink, purple and more

     Rainbow Moonstone is a milky white or more transparent stones, the white can look the moon as light catches the stones, some have little flashes of color, a rainbow of color, but, mainly blue.

     Rainbow Moonstone is also a type of Labradorite as are Sunstones.

     Moonstone ranks 6 to 6.5 on the Mohs hardness scale.

     Moonstones are fantastic because you can have fun playing with the stone, moving it around in the light to find the colors, but, I also love the more opaque, milky white stones because they remind me of the moon luminating the nights sky. I love to stare at the moon, reminding how immense and incredible the universe is, reminding me that Anything’s Possible if we Believe.

     Rainbow Moonstone can be found in Canada, USA, Mexico, Russia, Sir Lanca, Myanmar, Australia, India, Madagascar