Custom Jewellery


 My Job is to make your Vision a Reality!
   Hello, my name is Jacqueline Neves, I am a Jewellery Artist who truly loves creating Custom Made and Bespoke Jewellery.
     I have over twenty years' experience creating & restoring jewellery, I have been working with clients all over the world online by email consultations since 2010.
  I love working with people and I love the challenge of bringing life to a client's vision and going beyond their exceptions!
    My Custom-Made Jewelry is Affordable and easy to order.  Imagine having exactly what you want custom made for you, instead of wasting time searching in stores or spending hours online searching for that special gift, we'll all you have to do is email me and tell me what you want.
   It doesn't matter what your budget is $25.00 or $2500.00, you will receive the same care and personal attention.
    Let me know what your budget is so that I can design and personally create something you’re going to love, and you can afford.
  I create fine Sterling Silver & Gemstone Jewelry as well as High Quality Costume jewellery, so you can choose the materials I use, whether it be gemstone or glass beads, solid sterling silver or plated metals. 

  I will take photos of the varied materials and design ideas so you can see how they look together, you can choose exactly which stone you want.

You can choose the styles of chains you like. Here you can see an example of some sterling silver chains below. You can even choose Eco friendly up-cycled vintage & post-consumer chains. I will take photos to show you all your choices.  

You can also choose the styles of earring wire you prefer. I can help you choose the best style for you, whether you need something more secure for an active person or easy to wear. I also create clip on earrings.
  You can choose from many different stones and color combinations. I take photos in daylight to carefully show you the true colors and textures of the stones.
     I have an extensive stock of materials and many years of experience creating and restoring jewellery as well as a wonderful ability to understand the needs of my clients.
 I create custom jewelry using high quality Gemstones, Semi Precious Stones, Cultured & Freshwater Cultured Pearls, Amber, Mother of Pearl, unique Antique & Vintage stones, glass & crystal beads, handmade Lamp work beads, European glass beads,  Swarovski Crystal & many other types of crystal beads, Czech Fire Polished Glass beads (Lead Free)  as well as an incredible selection of Antique & Vintage materials like gorgeous Vintage pendants, Antique Cameos, lockets, unique Antique chain and components plus so much more.
   I use Sterling Silver, Gold Filled, Copper, Brass, vintage antique metals & many high-quality plated metals Silver plated, Gold plated, Antiqued Copper plated, Antiqued Brass plated & Gun Metal Plated.
  I design jewellery that accentuates a woman's beauty, not something that overpowers you.
     I have years of experience designing jewellery to match or complement outfits, I know what looks best with different necklines, etc.
It doesn't matter if you are petite or larger, I can create jewellery that will look amazing on you and move with your body, so you will really enjoy wearing it. 
 You can send me a photo of your dress or an outfit so I can see what will look best, I can match beadwork or even design jewellery to compliment your other pieces of jewellery, accessories like head pieces, etc. 
    I can offer you choices of Earth Friendly Vintage, Up Cycled, Recycled, Post Consumer materials to choose from whenever possible.
  Vegan Jewellery: You may request Vegan Custom-Made Jewellery that is made without leather, shell, horn, wood, pearls or animal-based glues or polishes. 
  I have many Vegan Friendly options to choose like Eco Friendlier, vegan friendly Portuguese Cork or cloth based vegan leather cords. You can see the Portuguese cork in the photo below. 

Email Consultations are fun and easy, with lots of photos, quick response we can work together to design you Custom made jewelry. It doesn't matter if you're thousands of miles away, I want you to feel as though you are here in my workshop.

I have created jewellery and shipped all over the world: Canada, United States, Australia, Denmark, Scotland, England, France, etc.  We can communicate by email or phone. I can send you photos usually the same day, depending on the light because I like to use daylight for photos so that I can accurately show you the true colors.

     I can show you lot’s of designs for you to choose from. I will lay out all the materials and take photos so you will be involved in every step of the design process. It's almost like yours here in my workshop!

     If you’re creative, you're going to love helping me design your jewelry.
    You’re Not Sure What You Want: If you want a special gift for someone and you’re not sure what they will like, just email me and I can ask you questions so that I can figure out their style. For example: what is their personality like? What kind of jewellery do they wear? Do they wear simple designs, or do they wear more bold jewellery? Do they wear earthy jewellery or do they like lots of sparkle? Do they need something to wear to the office, a party or are they athletic and need something rugged?
   I have been doing this for so long that I can get a good idea of a person’s style by what they wear, what style clothing, accessories, what kind of personality, favorite colors, etc...

  No matter how Unique and beautiful you are, I will do my best to design jewellery that you can easily put on and take off so you can really enjoy wearing them.


      Bridal & Wedding Jewellery
   I love creating Custom Made Wedding &Bridal Jewelry, & accessories like headpieces and hair accessories and more. It's exciting, fun and very challenging. I really enjoy making your wedding dreams a reality.
   Your bridal Jewelry is the most important jewelry you will ever purchase, and it should be as beautiful and unique as you are. I will do everything I can to make exactly what you want.
   If you already have an idea of what you want, we can work together to make that vision a reality. If you’re still not sure what you want, don’t worry, I can help you. Everyone is different and not all styles will suit you.
     It’s best if you already have your dress picked out, but, if the jewelry is really fabulous, you might want to choose a dress around the jewelry, which is what I did for my wedding. I had my jewellery made long before the dress.
     I can help you better if you let me know what style jewelry you usually wear or what styles you would love to wear, you don’t want to order a big elaborate necklace if you’re more comfortable with dainty styles, otherwise you’re not going to be comfortable. You want your jewellery to reflect your personality; you don’t want anything to overpower you. Your jewelry should complement your dress and flow with your hair and veil, you want your jewelry to look spectacular, so it should be carefully chosen or designed to work with your whole look.
    Every detail you can give me will help me create the perfect design. Let me know your dress style, color, Neckline, fabric, beading, type of lace, accessories, your veil or head piece, you wedding theme, time of year, you face shape, hair color and eye color all these things are important in choosing your jewellery & hair jewelry as well as accessories.
 Bridal jewelry doesn’t have to be expensive. I create fantastic, high quality costume jewellery. I use high quality Silver and Gold Plated metals that look just like the real thing and combined with crystal and faux pearls, they look just as fantastic.  If you want the sparkle of fine lead crystal but, Swarovski crystal doesn’t fit your budget, I have high quality crystal alternatives that look amazing.
    If you want Eco Friendly vintage crystal, I have a fabulous selection and If you want a lead free alternative, I have sparkly Czech fire polished glass beads.
     I can create jewellery to accentuate or match your existing jewellery, perhaps your mothers' pearls, your aunts earrings that have been passed down from generation to generation.
     Perhaps you would like to include something special like a button from your grandmothers wedding dress; there are so many possibilities for you and your wedding party.
Mother of the Bride & Mother of the Groom Gifts are very important, you want to include them in your special day and show your love and appreciation. 
  I can design gifts that they will love! They can match, but also suit each of their personalities. There are so many possibilities.
The photo below is a gorgeous custom Kilt Pin made with Swarovski crystal, other crystal and glass pearls, hand stamped dates and ribbon.

  I love creating custom wedding jewellery, working with people and making dreams come true.
     Headpieces: I make incredible headpieces and hair jewellery. My designs are more elegant, unique and bohemian. I love to create chain headpieces, elaborate, crystal, pearl and rhinestones, they are more like hair jewellery than ordinal bridal hair accessories.


Custom made Bridesmaids Jewellery and Gifts are a wonderful way to say thank you. You can have gifts created for them to wear for your wedding to match your wedding theme or colors and like the anklets below you can also add their birthstone colors or initials to personalized them. 

You can also have gifts made for your Birdesman too.

     Redesign Vintage Jewelry: Many of my clients ask me to make custom made jewelry for them using old, Antiques and Vintage jewellery, usually broken pieces and beads or old lockets, pendants, buttons etc., that have been handed down to them from their mother, Grandmother or Aunt, etc.
   I redesign them or combine them with materials from my extensive collection to create something that suits their personality and style, so they can wear it and to enjoy wearing their loved one's special treasures close to their heart. The old treasures have been preserved and become heirloom jewellery that can be handed down to new generations to come.
You can see in the photo below the stunning necklace and earring set I created using two strands of old beads that belonged to ca client, from the 1950's and the new Necklace and earrings set I created by combing new beads and clasp. Now my client can wear something she loves and keep the memory of her grandmother alive to pass on to new generations. 


     Custom Jewellery made with your stones: Perhaps you bought some gemstones on a trip, some beads or beach glass; well, I can create fabulous new "One of Kind Custom jewellery" with them, that fits your personality. You can wear the happy memories of vacation all years round. There are so many possibilities.
   Perhaps you have a piece of beach glass you found on your last vacation or some stones that hold special memories, I can design jewellery with them like these custom made, wire wrapped beach glass pendants.

 Symbolism in Jewellery:  I love to add symbolism to my Jewellery and many of my clients want to incorporate a special message, perhaps adding a birthstone, initials, a number of beads representing a date like an anniversary, a wedding date, birthday or using pendants, hearts or infinity symbols, etc. I can help you create something to incorporate a message of hope, love, friendship etc.
   I also create jewellery with positive words, messages and scripture. The only religious symbols I have are the cross and star of David. I am sorry but I don't have all symbols. My jewellery is made with prayers and blessings, they are an expression of my heart.

 I am an artist who has disabilities and suffers with chronic pain and there are many advantages to having a designer with chronic pain for example, I'm very conscious of comfort and functionality in jewelry. I understand how a miner flaw in a material or design could irritate a person a great deal, so I make sure the materials are smooth and pieces are a comfortable weight, clasps that are easy to use, etc... If you are a person with a disability, I will take great care to design jewelry that is perfect for you.  
If you have disabilities that make it difficult to put your jewellery on yourself, perhaps you have difficulty opening a clasp or putting earrings on, I can create jewellery that is easier for you to use. I can custom design clasps or make bracelets on elastic or make clip on earrings, there are so many possibles.
    I live with Fibromyalgia so I understand how even the weight of the jewellery is important, it must comfortable, easy to use as well as beautiful.

        I hand pick and purchase most of all of my jewellery materials here in Canada and I try to use as many Canadian materials as possible.


  Your jewellery will be shipped to you beautifully packaged, and gift wrapped. You can choose from Natural Jute bags with little ribbons (I sew on with beads) or white organza bags and they will be put in gift boxes, tied with ribbon and jute twine and then wrapped in tissue paper and more jute twine.

Men's jewellery can be packaged in a plain jute bag and gift box that looks masculine with the words "Stuff for Men". 

    I also make wonderful, personalized description cards, you can add a person's name or a short message to the front of the card and I will write a lovely description of the jewelry and explain how you worked with me to design your custom-made jewelry gift. I can explain why you chose your materials and the thought behind them. People just love the personalized description; they will treasure your gift even more.
I make all my jewellery with prayers and blessings for a Happy, Health, Peaceful and Prosperous life. 
If you would like more information, just email or call me and I will be happy to help. 
Thank you and have a peaceful day:)   
  Jacqueline Neves
Please Note: I'm sorry but, I do not create jewellery with any occult symbols, negative or offensive words or symbols. It all comes from my heart, so it must be expressed with love. 

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