Jewellery Metals

STERLING SILVER is marked 925, it contains 92.5% Pure Silver and 7.5% alloyed metals, usually copper to add strength and make it more durable because pure silver is very soft. Sterling Silver is the industry standard for jewellery.

Gold Filled metal is the next best thing to solid gold. Gold Filled is not the same as gold plated. A thick 1/20th layer of Gold, usually 12K to 14K Gold is permanently bonded with heat and pressure to a base metal, usually jewelers’ brass (sterling silver was sometimes used in vintage jewellery).

    Gold filled jewellery is easy to care for and can last a lifetime! I use the highest quality new 1/20 14K G.F. metal and when I upcycle or reuse antique and vintage jewellery, it always comes from stamped pieces.

Aluminum is also called Aluminum is a chemical element (AI), it is an abundant metal, it is a soft, silver color metal and it has many wonderful qualities.

Aluminum is a wonderful metal for jewellery, it is lightweight, it does not tarnish, it does not corrode. It is easy to clean, and you can shine it up with ease because it is a soft metal.

Brass is a yellow metal made with copper and zinc. Traditional Brass is very yellow, but some brass used to make jewellery may have more copper to create red brass.

Antiqued Brass is solid brass that has a dark brown patina. Brass will naturally oxidize over time to create a warm brown color.

Antiqued Brass Finished / Plated metal has been plated with a darker brown color (also called bronze finish). The base metal could be copper or a combination of metals.

Antiqued Brass, Copper Base wire is pure copper wire, plated with Antiqued Brass / Bronze finish, then a protective clear coating is baked on to preserve the finish.  

COPPER has been used to create jewellery and art for thousands of years, long before gold. It was the first metal ever used, it did not need to be refined and it could be used raw. Copper is a fascinating metal, it is antimicrobial, it is an electrical and thermal conductor, it is resistant to corrosion, and it is beautiful!

     The color of copper is wonderful when it's shiny and new, a pinky gold color, like Rose Gold. Rose gold has a slightly pink color because tiny amounts of copper is added to yellow gold. I also love the way copper looks when it has aged and tarnished into a dark warm, brownish patina that can develop purple and blue hues over time. Copper jewellery is easy to clean and polish back to a shiny finish.

    Some Pure Copper wire has a durable, baked on, tarnish resistant clear coating to keep the Copper shiny for a long time.

Antiqued Copper: is solid copper that has oxidized to create a darker, brown patina and sometimes blue or purple hues will develop.

Antiqued Copper Finished / Plated metal has been plated with a darker brown color. The base metal could be copper or a combination of metals.

Copper Artisan Wire with Tarnish resistant coating is pure copper with a protective clear coating that is baked on to preserve the finish.    

STAINLESS STEEL is a wonderful metal for Jewellery because it is extremely durable, it does not rust, it resists scratches and corrosion, making it perfect for daily use. Stainless steel is not as bright as silver, it is a slightly greyish color but, it does not oxide so it is easy to care for and it will last many years.

 Stainless steel is a hard metal, an alloy of iron, chromium, nickel, and titanium, sometimes copper, niobium, and other metals are added depending on what the steel is being used for. Chromium creates a lovely shine and resists corrosion.


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