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Quartz is a wonderful family of stones, some are Gemstones like the rich purple Amethyst and the clear Rock Crystal or Crystal Quartz are highly sought after. I use many different Quartz stones, Lavender Amethyst is a paler purple stone, Rose Quartz is a soft pink color Strawberry Quartz  a deeper pink  with interesting inclusions, Taupe or light grey / brown stone is called Smokey Quartz or Topaz Quarts, a yellow stone is called Lemon Quartz.

   I love Electroplated Quartz, clear Quartz Stones that have been Electroplated with Titanium. Angel Quartz are soft to vibrant colors with an aurora borealis finish and Titanium Quartz has a wild Metallic finish with vibrant blues, purples and greens. 

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