Collection: Quartz

   Quartz is a wonderful family of stones, some are Gemstones like the rich purple Amethyst and the clear Rock Crystal or Crystal Quartz are highly sought after. I use many different Quartz stones, Lavender Amethyst is a paler purple stone, Rose Quartz is a soft pink color Strawberry Quartz  a deeper pink  with interesting inclusions, Taupe or light grey / brown stone is called Smokey Quartz or Topaz Quarts, a yellow stone is called Lemon Quartz.

   I love Electroplated Quartz, clear Quartz Stones that have been Electroplated with Titanium. Angel Quartz are soft to vibrant colors with an aurora borealis finish and Titanium Quartz has a wild Metallic finish with vibrant blues, purples and greens. 

      Aqua Aurora Crystal is also call Angel Quartz, Angel Aura, Flame Aura, Opal Aura and Rainbow Quartz. The Aqua Aura crystal is natural Quartz Crystal with an Aurora Finish, created in a vacuum where the crystals are heated, then a metal vapor is added, sometime gold, titanium niobium or copper. The gold or other metal atoms attach to the surface of the crystal to create a metallic aurora finish.  

     Titanium Quartz ( also called Aurora Quartz) is a genuine clear quartz crystal that has been Electroplated with Titanium to create a metallic rainbow of color, mainly blue, purple, gold and a little green. The colors change as you move the crystal in the light. Some spots will have more Aurora Borealis effect of color than others and the color changes all around the crystal. This coating is permanent.
This Titanium Crystal is stunning, so colorful and a wonderful natural shape, it has one point. You can stare at this stone for hours.