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     Amazonite is one of my favorite stones, especially the aqua blue, often called Brazilian Amazonite. Amazonite or the "Amazon Stone" is named after the Amazon river (The stone is found in Brazil, but not actually found in the river). Amazonite is usually green with white marbling or veining, but the colors range from green, greenish blue (pale turquoise color) to the most desirable aqua blue. The aqua blue stone often has some inclusions or marbled with white, brown, yellowish brown, red brown or black. Amazonite can be found in Brazil, North America, Russia, Madagascar, Australia and even some here in Canada. Amazonite is sometimes confused with jade, especially the pale green color.

     The lovely pale Aqua color stones are becoming very difficult to find. The pale blue reminds me of the water, a cool, peaceful color that makes me feel happy.

     Amazonite is listed as 6 on the MOH hardness scale, it is delicate to chemicals and heat, so you need to treat it with care.

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