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About The Artist


Jacqueline has a passion & a gift for creating jewellery!

Jacqueline specializes in Custom made jewellery, she possesses the unique gift of making clients visions a reality and going beyond their expectations.

    Jacqueline was born and raised in Toronto, but, moved to nearby Port Credit, Mississauga (in the greater Toronto Area) twenty years ago. She loves to live near the water. Port Credit is situated at the mouth of the Credit River and  Lake Ontario. She lives near the marina, light house, surrounded by lovely parks & friendly neighbors.  

  She grew up in a creative family where art was part of life. Her home was filled with talented artists and art projects of all kinds. Her father had an amazing workshop in the basement, he built and restored furniture, he was an excellent painter and photographer. Her father taught her how to work with wood and metal, skills she has carried into her jewellery everyday.

      Most of her siblings became talented artist's, a painter, carver, photographer and dancer. It was an amazing home for an artist to grow up in.

  Jacqueline loves to paint in water color and acrylics, mixed media, sculpture, photography, fashion design, she plays violin, but, her gift if jewellery!

   Jacqueline was fascinated with fashion history. As a child, she spent hours studding books in the library and went to the museum as often as she could, where she fell in love with ancient Etruscan gold jewellery, elaborate ancient Egyptian beaded collars and rich baroque jewellery, etc. 

  One of her favorite childhood memories is the day she bought a pair of vintage rhinestone earrings at a local garage sale. Those rhinestones sparkled like diamonds in the early morning sunshine. They were very old with uncomfortable screw backs, they hurt her little ears, but, she wore them with pride, to the playground, to school, making mud pies in the back yard!

  That was the begging of her lifelong passion for collecting antique & vintage beads & jewellery.

Jacqueline loves searching for treasures in Antique markets, Vintage & Thrift shops, Church Bazaars, yard sales. She finds so many rare & unique beads, gemstones & jewellery materials to use in her new Creations.

     Old broken jewellery is just as valuable or more so to Jacqueline as perfect collectibles. She finds rare and unique pieces that are taken apart and restored to up-cycle or reuse in her new jewellery or she recycles the metals and stones as raw materials to create completely new jewellery.

  Found objects like the small pieces of Lake Glass (Sea Glass) she finds on the beach are very precious to her, she say's she gets so excited each time she finds a piece of rare lake glass "it's like finding gems in the sand, each piece fills me with joy".

  Her time spent near water, along the lake, beside the river or on the beach near her home in Port Credit, Mississauga, is spiritual, she love's the water where she spends as much time as possible, praying, mediating, searching for treasures washed up on the shore and creating beaded and wire work jewellery.

   Jacqueline has had over 20 years experience restoring Antique & Vintage jewellery. The old maters secrets are revealed as the old pieces are taken apart. She has spent years studding the history of jewelry design and especially costume jewelry.

  Because she has spent so much time restoring jewellery, she has a greater appreciation for good solid design and high quality materials. Jacqueline really knows how to make jewellery that will last!

    Jacqueline makes wearable jewellery that's comfortable and easy to wear. She lives with Chronic pain & Fibromyalgia, so she really understands how important comfort and functionality is, especially for those with disabilities. She custom designs jewelry for people to suit their individual needs. 

     Jacqueline creates Fair Trade and Ethical Jewelry, she is an Eco Conscious artist who loves nature & animals and she goes out of her way to use as many earth friendly materials and methods of construction possible.

    She uses mainly hand tools, minimal electricity and as many non toxic, earth friendly glues, cleaning, oxidizing & polishing materials as possible, with very few exceptions. 

   Jacqueline strives to run and grow a Sustainable, Ethical business using Eco Friendlier packaging and shipping materials and she purchase most of her materials locally, she Up-cycles as many Vintage & Post-consumer materials as possible. 

    Jacqueline loves animals and has a great appreciation for small animals, like her little hamster. She is against animal testing and is very careful to use as many cruelty free products as possible.

    Her vegan jewellery is carefully created without any animal materials and no animal products are used in the creative process. She knows how important it is to her Vegan clients to wear pure Vegan Friendly, cruelty free jewelry.  

  She does use pearls, shells and some vintage animal materials in her jewellery, she also occasionally has to use eggs for oxidizing metals, but, only Free Run eggs, but, these pieces of jewellery will not be listed as vegan friendly. 

     Jacqueline injured her back at a young age and later developed Fibromyaliga, so she battles with chronic pain and other symptoms that challenge her every day, but, with her Faith and her gift of making jewellery she can turn pain into beauty!

   With the help and support of her Husband Nelson, Jacqueline has been able to build a successful home based business that has grown over the many years. She built her first website: and launched it in 2010 and it has developed into a successful online business that continues to grow. She has just built her new online store and website: and she also has an Etsy shop: WaterRhythmGems

     Jacqueline creates Fine and Costume jewellery. She uses Sterling Silver, Vermiel, Gold Filled metals with high quality  Gemstones, Semi Precious stones, Cultured Pearls, Freshwater Cultured Pearls as well as Copper, Brass, plated metals and many Vintage Costume jewellery materials..

   She uses Handmade Glass, Vintage & Swarovski Crystal beads, Vintage horn, fossil, wood, etc. as well as found objects like the rare Beach Glass she finds along Lake Ontario near her home in Port Credit Ontario (in the Greater Toronto Area).

  Jacqueline loves creating jewellery, it's a gift that brings her so much joy, so every piece is created with joy, prayers & blessings for a happy, healthy, peaceful, prosperous long life. 

Jacqueline Neves

Anything's Possible Jewellery

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  You can read more about Jacqueline on her Blog and join her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

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