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Vintage Natural Bloodstone Pendant Necklace

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   I created this lively Bloodstone Pedant with genuine Vintage Bloodstone and solid 925 Sterling Silver.   This rare natural bloodstone was carved into a rounded, disk shape, like a big smarty shape and highly polished.

    The color is a deep green with red markings, you can see more of the red marking on the back of the pendant. The back has a tiny drill hole where metal was once attached for a cufflink, but you do not notice the hole at the back with all the sterling silver wire work.

    I wanted to create an organic looking pendant, a tree branch like design with many Sterling Silver swirls, curls, coils, and beads that represent fruit on growing on a tree, the tree of Life!

     High Quality Genuine Bloodstone is difficult to find now, so I was thrilled to find two of these antique, genuine stones (27mm round, just over 1”).

  This remarkable, one of a kind pendant dangles on a lovely 925 Italian, Sterling Silver rolo style chain and it fastens with a spring ring clasp.

     Bloodstone was very popular in Antique jewellery, it has a rich history; prized and admired for thousands of years, all over the world. Bloodstone is also called Heliotrope, it's made up of dark green Chalcedony or Jasper (sometimes a combination of both) with red inclusions, which are usually Hematite.

  There are two types of Bloodstone, the Heliotrope, also called Sun Stone, a transparent crystalline Quartz stone that glows red inside when held up to the sun,  but the most common Bloodstone is the opaque dark green Jasper stone with red spots of red Hematite, this stone is called Plasma.

   It was said that bloodstone was formed when Christ was crucified, and Jesus blood dropped on a jasper stone, staining it red. Bloodstone is known by many names: the Christ Stone, the Martyrs Stone, the Ancient Greeks called it Sun Stone and It was also called "The Stone of Babylon" by Albert the Great.

       Bloodstone is the ancient and traditional March Birthstone.

     Transformation is a major theme and inspiration in my work. I love to create Sustainable, Ethical jewellery by Upcycling / Re-purposing old Vintage Gemstones, Glass, Crystal, Silver, Metals, beads, broken Vintage jewellery and more. It brings me peace to work with these Eco Friendlier materials and great joy to transform them into new creations, heirloom jewellery to be worn and loved for many years.

♥ I love making jewellery, it’s a gift, so I make all my jewellery with prayers and blessings for a Long, Happy, Healthy, Peaceful & Prosperous Life!

MATERIALS: Sterling Silver, Vintage Bloodstone and Love.

MEASUREMENTS:  Blood Stone measures 1 1/16” round. Pendant with Sterling Silver wire work  bail measures (35mm)  1 1/3” long.


♥ COMPLIMENTARY PERSONALIZED DESCRIPTION CARD: Request a Personalized Card to add to your gift. I will make a card with a description of the jewellery or accessory, plus care instructions and I will put a name and or short message on the front of the card, for example: Happy Birthday, To Ann, Love Mom. (depending on the length of your Gift Message when checking out, I can try to fit it onto the card).

♥ FREE GIFT BOX: Your Jewellery will be shipped to you Beautifully GIFT WRAPPED in Eco Friendlier packaging, in a Recycled Paper GIFT BOX, Reusable Jewellery Pouch & Reusable Ribbon & natural Jute Twine. The gift box will be wrapped in tissue paper, tied with more jute twine. Your purchase will look lovely, a pleasure to receive and to give.

♥ I am an Eco Conscious, Animal Loving artist. I make all my jewellery & accessories with love, in a Joyful, Eco Friendlier, smoke free atmosphere using mainly hand tools and the most Earth Friendly methods of construction and Cruelty Free materials as possible. I create every piece by hand, I try to Upcycle and Re-purpose as many Vintage & Post-consumer materials whenever possible. I use mainly Eco-Friendlier packaging and shipping materials. I usually walk to the post office or take public transit to ship my packages, further reducing my carbon footprint, I strive to run a sustainable, ethical business.

♥ All my jewellery & accessories are mindfully created with as many cruelty free materials as possible. This is a Vegan Friendly piece of Jewellery

-I am careful to photograph most of my jewellery in natural day light, especially gemstones to give you the most accurate pictures possible, but, displays vary, so it is best to view my jewellery on at least two different screens to get a better idea of colors.

-Made with love in Canada!

-All my jewellery & accessories are made for adults, for ages 15 and up.

-PROCESSING TIMES will vary depending on the amount of labor involved in creating each piece. I create, inspect and package every order myself to ensure the highest quality possible. Please feel free to contact me for current processing times.

➳EXPRESS SHIPPING: Shipping Upgrades are available, please contact me to ask about options and prices in your area.

-If you have any questions or if you would like me to customize this piece or create custom made jewellery for you, please contact me by email or phone during business hours. I return messages promptly:

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