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Revelations Holy City Gems Gold Pearl Crystal Necklace

Revelations Holy City Gems Gold Pearl Crystal Necklace

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   This is a stunning Handcrafted, Bible inspired beaded necklace made with gorgeous gold color Freshwater Cultured Pearls, gold electroplated and faceted Hematite beads and twelve different color Austrian Crystal beads in colors that represent the gemstones on the foundation stones from the Holy City, the New Jerusalem listed in the book of Revelations 21:19-20.

      The brilliant 4mm round, faceted crystals sparkle with vibrant color and AB finish (Aurora Borealis), enhanced by the sparkly faceted gold Hematite (4mm), the Hematite is gold electroplated . The high quality, shiny, smooth, oval shaped gold Freshwater Cultured Pearls (6mm-7mm long) are rich, elegant and luxurious (dyed).

  The Necklace is finished with 1/20 14k Gold filled metal clasp and wire wrapped looped ends.

     This is an amazing, handcrafted necklace and a great conversation piece!  It’s inspirational and unique.

     Bible Inspired jewellery is a wonderful gift for a Christian, for someone who loves Jesus, and enjoys reading the Bible.

  This necklace will come with a description card hat can be personalized.

Revelations 21:19-20.NIV

   The foundations of the city walls were decorated with every kind of precious stone. The first foundation was jasper, the second sapphire, the third agate, the fourth emerald, 

20  the fifth onyx, the sixth ruby, the seventh chrysolite, the eighth beryl, the ninth topaz, the tenth turquoise, the eleventh jacinth, and the twelfth amethyst.


BIRTHSTONE: Pearl is the traditional June birthstone

COLOR: Multi Color. Gold and 12 different color Crystals

STYLE: Beaded Necklace, Vintage Inspired, Christian, Bible Inspired, Inspirational

MATERIALS: 14k Gold Filled, Crystals (Highest Quality Austrian Crystal), Gold Freshwater Cultured Pearls (dyed), Gold Hematite (most likely reconstituted stones) and Love.

MEASUREMENTS: The necklace in the photo measures (43cm) or 17" long, but you can order other sizes.

GIFT FOR: Christian Gift, Bible Gift, Gift for Christian, Gift for Her, Gift for Woman, Gift for Wife, Gift for Girlfriend, Gift for Mom, Mothers Day Gift,  Gift for Sister, Valentines Day Gift. Birthday Gift, Anniversary Gift, Friendship Gift

OCCASION: Any Occasion, Special Occasion or any day you want to wear pearls.

♥ I love making jewellery, it’s a gift, therefore I make all my jewellery with prayers and blessings for a Long, Happy, Healthy, Peaceful & Prosperous Life.

Warning: Crystal contains lead and could be harmful to health if swallowed. Hematite has a high Iron content and can be harmful if swallowed. All my jewellery & accessories are made for adults, for ages 15 and up. Keep away from Children and pets.

Pearls & Symbolism

PEARLS: are uniquely beautiful, satiny smooth, comfortable to wear, and they look better the more you wear them. Pearls absorb the natural oils from you skin, enriching their luster and preserving them.

   Pearls are rich in ancient symbolism, these gorgeous gemstones represent transformation, perfection, purity royalty and wealth. I am amazed when I look at a beautiful pearl and imagine how an irritant was transformed into a precious Gem.

    I think about how a how a piece of sand, shell, or other irritant gets trapped inside a mollusk (oyster and commonly
mussels) irritating and damaging some cells (a cultured pearl has the irritant
surgically inserted into the mollusk) then it releases a substance called nacre that forms a smooth shinny coating around the irritant. Over many years, layers of nacre build up and create a luminous pearl. The longer the mollusk is left
in the water, the larger the pearl will grow. It's amazing to think how something that was once an irritant that damaged cells could become a beautiful, precious Gemstone as the result of a healing process.

- Pearl is the traditional June birthstone and Pearl was a common February birthstone used in the 15th century Pearl is also the Tibetan November birthstone.

-Pearl is the 3rd Anniversary stone as well as the 30th
(Pearl Jubilee) stone.

Freshwater Cultured Pearls are cultivated and grown in freshwater lakes, rivers or ponds. A mollusk (commonly mussels) are surgically implanted with a piece of shell, often a little round bead, it irritates the tissue of the muscle and then it releases nacre to coat it with many layers until it becomes a beautiful pearl. Pearls are left in the water a year or more to grow. The pearl will be a better quality and large the longer the pearl is left in the water.

  The seeds can be different shapes crating spectacular
pearls.  I have round, coin shape, butterfly
shape and Cross’s. 

-River Pearls are natural Freshwater Pearls that grow in mussels found in rivers, they
are often found in the United states, Mississippi, Ohio and Tennessee Rivers as
well as in China & Japan.

Metal-Gold Filled

-Gold Filled metal is the next best thing to solid gold! Gold Filled is not the same as gold plated. A thick 1/20th layer of Gold, usually 12K to 14K Gold is permanently bonded with heat and pressure to a base metal, usually jewelers’ brass (sterling silver was sometimes used in vintage jewellery). Gold filled jewellery is easy to care for and can last a lifetime!

-I use the highest quality new 1/20 14K G.F. metal and when I upcycle/reuse Antique and Vintage Gold Filled jewellery, it may be 12k or 14k and comes from stamped pieces.

-Full details are listed in the description.

Care Instructions

-Do not wear your jewellery swimming or in the shower because salt water, chlorine & chemicals in soaps and shampoos can damage the finish of the metal, stones, pearls, crystal, etc…

-Always wait for skin to dry after applying  perfume, creams or cosmetics, hairspray before you put your jewellery on.

-Gold Filled metal is very easy to care for, it does not tarnish with normal use. The gold layer is thick, so all you need to do it wipe it with a soft, clean cloth each time you remove it.

-Do not use abrasives like polishing cloths, pastes
or jewellery cleaning dips.

-Do not immerse in water for long periods of time.

-Gemstones and Pearls are delicate, so please take extra care to protect them from scratches or damage.

-You can keep your gems clean by wiping them with a soft, clean cloth each time you remove them.

-When your jewellery is totally dry, you can store it in the box or an airtight container like the Reusable clear jewellery storage bags provided.

-Pearls retain more moisture, so it is best not to store them for a long time in an airtight container.

-Do not store jewellery in rubber, plastic or paper treated with chemicals.

-Do not keep your jewellery in the kitchen, bathroom etc, always store in the driest part of your home.

-Keep your jewellery away from heat and direct sunlight.

 Beautifully Eco Friendly Packaging

-Your purchases will be beautifully packaged, ready for Gift giving, carefully & creatively wrapped with Eco Friendlier & Sustainable materials.

-Please refer to the Images of the packaging displayed with each product to see examples of how they will be packaged when shipped, because some items are packaged in a Gift box and Jewellery pouch while others may be packaged in a Pillow Box and tissue paper.

-All packages are tied with lovely blue organza ribbons, Jute twine and tissue paper.

-When you order more than one item, they will be placed in one box unless you request separate packaging for each item.

-Personalized description cards are available, please send me a message to find out more.

-You may also request minimalist, zero waste packaging.  

-Please leave your request when checking out or send me a message and I will be happy to package them as you prefer.

Read more about my Eco Friendlier Packaging.

Eco Friendlier

- I am an Eco Conscious artist, I love nature, so I go out of my way to create my jewellery with the most Earth Friendly methods of construction possible.

- Many pieces are created with Eco Friendly, Sustainable, Upcycled, Repurposed, Pre-loved Vintage Gemstones, broken jewellery materials, and found items like local beach glass.

- I create every piece by hand,
using mainly hand tools, natural light whenever possible and non toxic polishes and glues, etc with rare exceptions. I use many things from my kitchen to clean, polish and oxidize my jewellery.

- I use Eco Friendly, Sustainable packaging and shipping materials and we usually walk to the post office or take public transit to ship packages, further reducing my carbon footprint.

- I strive to run a sustainable,
ethical business.

Request Complimentary Card

-Request a Complimentary Personalized Description Card, with a name and or a short message printed on the front. The description card will list materials and care instructions.

-Please leave the name and or a short message to be printed on the front of the card when you are checking out.

-Please place the information in the “Order Special Instructions Box” visible only in the Shopping Cart before you check out.

Please feel free to send me a message for assistance.


-Please contact me to find out if this item can be
Customized or Personalized. Some items may be available in assorted sizes, colors, gemstones, etc., You may be able to add a Birthstone or Initial and other personalization's may be available (Prices may vary).

-You can also order Custom Made Jewellery


-Please read about Shipping Options, Upgrades, and Specials

-Sustainable, Eco-Friendlier shipping materials.

-This item may not ship to California.

Warnings: made for adults, read more…

-All my jewellery & accessories are made for adults, for ages 15 and up.

-Most Crystal does contain lead and some vintage, post-consumer, repurposed and Upcycled materials could contain lead or other things that may be harmful to health.

-Some Natural Gemstones, Stones, Shells, and other organic materials could contain natural minerals, lead and other things that could be harmful to your
health. Please do not put stones or any part of my jewellery or accessories in your mouth or in drinking water. Keep away from children and pets.

Made in Canada

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Beautiful Eco Friendlier Packaging

Please Refer to the Images to see how this item will be packaged. Your Jewellery will be shipped to
you beautifully packaged in either an Eco Friendlier Recycled Paper Gift Box or Pillow Box, wrapped in Tissue paper, tied with the natural jute twine and reusable organza ribbon.