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Green Gems Sculpture Earrings

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I was in the mood to sculpture the day I created these gorgeous, green gem stone earrings. It was a bright, sunny, cool spring day, white sitting in the sunshine, I gathered together some lively green stones that reminded me of all the greens in garden that morning.

   I chose two large (15mm) 1”round flat faceted Amazonite stone beads (greenish blue, light aqua color)  12 x 4mm BC Jade beads and 12 x 4mm green Aventurine beads and 925 Sterling silver Wire. I then lovingly wrapped the Sterling Silver wire around and through to create two rivers of green across the blue green Amazonite and then created two movable little sculpture with two beautiful 6mm vintage stone beads I’m quite sure are pale lemon colour jade and coils of Sterling Silver. I dangled these lively gemstone earrings on 925 Sterling Silver French earrings wires (fish hook style)

     These Statement earrings are Vegan, made without any animal materials and no animal materials were used to create them.

  These earring will take up to 3 business days to ship.

Made in Canada!

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