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Golden Celebration Ankle Bracelet

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Eco Friendly Ankle Bracelet, Gold Ankle Bracelet, Vintage Inspired Ankle Bracelet, Vegan Ankle Bracelet, Boho, Beach, Dangle Ankle Bracelet

Materials: Vintage Gold Tone Metal, New 18k gold plated clasp & findings.

Measurements:   Eco Friendly gold ankle bracelet measures (24.2cm)  9 1/2” with a  ¾” extension, so you can wear it up to (26cm) 10 ¼” .  (Limited Edition, only 3)

Description:  This is an incredible Eco Friendly Ankle Bracelet, Fun and Flirty, perfect for a party, a night out on the town or to really get noticed at the beach. This is a statement ankle bracelet.  No matter where you wear it, you’re going to get noticed. The Up Cycled, Vintage Gold Tone metal and pendants are fabulous, shinny and so much movement. The round, flat, gold disks dangle from a beautiful chain of longer twisted gold tone metal links. Each link is connected with a ring.

      The round, flat pendants measure 10mm round.  I used a strong, brass 18k gold plated clasp with gold plated extension chain, making this an adjustable anklet. I added a gorgeous gold plated pendant, shaped like a hand with the words “Hand Made” on the end of the extension chain, so cute!

 This is a limited edition anklets, I only made three. This will be the perfect gift for someone who loves unique designer jewellery. This is also a wonderful gift for someone living a green lifestyle, perfect for a beach wedding or for a night out on the town.

Made in Canada!

Sorry, but, this item does not ship to California.

Important: If you have allergies, I suggest you don’t wear my jewellery made with the vintage & post consumer materials because they could contain things you allergic to.  I do not know the exact content of the materials.

My jewellery is not made for children; the vintage & post consumer materials could contain traces of lead or other things that may be harmful to children.

For ages 15 and Up.

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