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Garnet Eternity Hoop Earrings

  • 37.95

 Handcrafted Vegan Earrings

Materials: Sterling Silver, Genuine Garnets

Measurements: Garnet hoops measure (1.5cm) 5/8” round and dangle on Sterling Silver french style earring wires.

Vegan Earrings

Description: Gorgeous genuine Garnet Hoop earrings, made by hand with high quality 14 x 4mm  round genuine pink red Garnets, strung on nylon coated stainless steel wire and finished with a Sterling Silver crimps. These hoops are Eternity Symbols, a circle of garnets that never ends, just as you want your love and friendships to be:  eternal. These luxurious gemstone hoops dangle on 925 Sterling Silver French style earring wires.

     These handcrafted Garnet hoop earrings have such a rich, intense red pink color, like rubies. They are dainty, light and comfortable perfect for any occasion and perfect for January Birthday Gifts because Garnet is the January Stone, but, also July birthdays, the July birthstone is Ruby and these are very close in colour.

   Eternity hoops would be perfect friendship earrings or for someone you love.

   These high quality sterling silver gemstone earrings are very affordable; lightweight and everyone will love them!

You can order these earrings on posts.

Made in Canada!

Please allow up to 3 business days to process for shipping.

This item will be shipped to you beautifully Gift Wrapped & Packaged in a Gift Box.

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