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Crystal Garnet Serenity Necklace

  • $97.00

    I created this long beaded Genuine Garnet necklace with 925 Sterling Silver and lovely Natural pink colour Garnets (not the common brownish garnets), they are a deep red, but, when they catch the light, they radiate the pink red. The beads are different sizes, the largest are around 7-8mm wide.

    I created pendant with a large clear Quartz Rock Crystal (3.6cm -1 7/16” long) by wire wrapping it with sterling silver wire and dangled it the centre of a long steam of polished garnet beads, the beads are all different shapes, very organic looking. The clear crystal with the deep red Garnets is stunning!

    The necklace is strung on two strands of nylon coated. The knots on the ends are secured with sterling silver cup hooks that cover the knots. I then created three matching Garnet dangles to create a little cluster tassel that dangles from a lovely sterling silver toggle clasp (9mm round).
     This long beaded pendant necklace is perfect for someone who loves Boho Jewelry, someone who love crystals, someone who love Garnets, someone who love one of a kind (OOAK) jewelry. The necklace is long, so if you have a large necklace, it’s perfect for someone who wears plus sizes.

   This deep red gemstone necklace will be a wonderful January, July or April birthday or April birthday.  Garnet is the traditional January Birthstone, but, the deep ruby red color makes perfect for a July Birthstone gift.

     The clear rock crystal is perfect for an April birthday gift. Clear quartz is an alternative April Birthstone.

      Pink Garnet is a wonderful ruby alternative, this natural stone more affordable than genuine ruby and much more special than dyed or treated stones.  

  This boho style necklace, perfect for any occasional and every day. Long necklaces are so easy to wear with any outfit and toggle clasps are so easy to use, perfect for someone who has difficulty fastening clasps.

   I love making jewellery, it’s a gift, so I make all my jewellery with prayers and blessings for a Long, Happy, Healthy, Peaceful & Prosperous Life!

Materials: 925 Sterling Silver, Garnets, Clear Rock Crystal, Love

Measurements: Necklace is (59cm) 23 ¼” long, the crystal measures (3.6cm)1 7/16” long.


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