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Copper Kitty Kat Essential oil Diffuser Necklace, Lava Rock

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"Kitty Cat, Lava Stone, Eternity, Essential Oil Diffuser Pendant Necklace"


Imagine walking around all day with the delicate scent of your healing essential oils soothing or invigorating you while wearing this lovely Handmade Cat, Lava Stone Pendant!

   If you love Cats and you love Essential Oils, or Lava Stone, your going love this stunning Wire Wrapped pendant made with a 10mm round black Lava stone (Volcanic Rock), wire wrapped to a gorgeous black, European pressed glass Cat (23mm), it is so sweet, it has lots of detail and the face is adorable. Both sides of the pendant have a face so it will look great no matter how you wear it, even on a long chain. I used a heavy gauge Copper wire to create a playful design with a Celtic Eternity coil on the base of the Kitty Cat, to represent an Eternity of love and Friendship.

  This Cat Necklace is wonderful for using you Essential Oils because the Cat is glass and the oils will not harm the finish on the cat. The solid Copper wire may oxidize and get darker, then develop that gorgeous dark, pinkish patina, or you can polish it up again. The chain is made with antiqued copper finished metal, so it will look great, even if the copper develops a patina. The necklace fastens with a Toggle clasp. .

     I love using essential oils, and I love being able to enjoy my healing scents all day long, wherever I go with my elegant diffusing jewellery.

    Lava rock is very pours, you just drop or roll your essential oils onto the Lava rock stone beads, let the oil flow into the holes and crevasses and the stone will absorb the oils, then let the heat from your body enhance the power of the oils so you can enjoy their fragrance all day.

  The scents can last 3-4days, depending on the strength and quality of your oils. 

   If the sent become weak or has dissipated, you can add more oil or you can  use a different oil after you wash the pendant (just the pendant). The Pendant is washable made with solid copper,  but, the chain has an antiqued copper finish.

  You can use warm water to loosen the oil or use a mild, chemical free soap and water, then pat dry with a towel and let it completely dry overnight. You want the stones dry, so they can absorb the oils.


      Copper is a fascinating metal, it is naturally Antimicrobial,  it is an essential nutrient in our daily diet, it is an electrical and thermal conductor, it is resistant to corrosion and it is beautiful!

     Copper has been used to create jewellery and art for thousands of years,  long before gold. It was the first metal  ever used, it did not need to be refined, it could be used raw. It has been used to create jewellery, art, decorative objects, tools, etc. and it was used in many different ways to heal the body, clean wounds, purify water and more. I heard many stories growing up telling us to wear copper to relieve pain, especially arthritis and inflammation and now research is being done to find out if there are any benefits to wearing copper.

   The color of shinny polished copper is like Rose Gold because tiny amounts of copper is added to natural yellow gold to produce the pink gold color. I love the color of copper when it is tarnished, with a dark warm patina that develops purple and blue hues over time. Copper jewellery is easy to clean and polish.

    This lovely, unique Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace perfect for every day. This will be a wonderful gift for anyone who loves Cats, Animals,  a Vegan, Aromatherapy, someone who would benefit from their essential oils all day. , for any occasion, every day and they will last forever with care.

♥ I love making jewellery, it’s a gift, so I make all my jewellery with prayers and blessings for a Long, Happy, Healthy, Peaceful & Prosperous Life!

MATERIALS: Lava Stone (Volcanic Rock), Copper, Antiqued Copper finished Chain, Glass and Love.

MEASUREMENTS: Pendant measures (4.8cm)  1 7/8” long. Necklace measures 20” long, but, it can be sized.


More Information:

-Sorry, but, this item DOES NOT SHIP TO CALIFORNIA, I only ship solid Sterling Silver to California.

-WARNING: Please use caution using Essential Oils, they are powerful and concentrated, so they could be dangerous if not used properly. Please do not use full strength, ALWAYS DILUTE Essential Oils before using them with my diffuser jewellery because the oils can still come in contact with your skin. Do not use on Children. Do not use if you are pregnant or breast feeding unless you consult a health professional.

- PERSONALIZED DESCRIPTION CARD: Personalized your gift with a lovely description card with names on the front, for example: To Jacqueline, From Peggy. Please Leave a note when checking out, in the” Special Instructions for Seller" box. (There is No extra charge for the personalized card).

There is nothing more special than giving Personalized Gift, especially Personalized Jewelry - Jewellery as a Birthday Gift, Anniversary Gift, Friendship Gift, Wedding Gift, Graduation Gift, Bridal Gift, Bridesmaid Gifts, Valentines Day Gift, Christmas Gift, Gift for Mom, Gift for Sister, Gift for Teacher, etc..

♥ FREE PILLOW GIFT BOX: Your Jewellery will be shipped to you beautifully packaged, wrapped in tissue paper inside an Eco Friendlier Recycled Paper Pillow Gift Box, tied with the natural jute twine and reusable organza ribbon.
-If you are in Canada, the pillow box may be shipped to you flat in order to meet shipping requirements, but you can easily fold the ends of box to puff it up for gift giving.

- I am an Eco Conscious, Animal loving artist. I make all my jewellery & accessories with love, in a joyful atmosphere using mainly hand tools and the most earth friendly methods of construction possible.

-I create every piece by hand here in Canada. I purchase most of my materials locally, I use the highest quality materials I can find, I Upcycle as many Vintage & Post-consumer materials as possible, I use Eco Friendlier packaging and shipping materials. I strive to run a Sustainable, Ethical business.

-This is a Vegan Friendly piece of Jewellery -All my jewellery & accessories are mindfully created with as many cruelty free materials as possible. Many of my creations are Vegan Friendly.

-I am careful to photograph most of my jewellery in natural day light, especially gemstones to give you the most accurate pictures possible, but, displays vary, so it is best to view my jewellery on at least two different screens to get a better idea of colors.

-Made with love in Canada!

-All my jewellery is made for adults, for ages 15 and up.

- PROCESSING TIMES: Most orders are ready to ship in 1-3 days, for ready made and more simple designs, but, some orders may take longer, depending on how much labor is involved. I always add extra time in my listing estimates, just encase I have a slow day due to my Fibromyalgia.

I create, inspect and package every piece of jewellery myself to insure the highest quality possible. Please feel free to contact me to ask for current processing times.

-IF YOU WANT FASTER SHIPPING, you can upgrade by purchasing a shipping add-on (an additional charge that will be added to the regular shipping cost on listing) by going to the Shipping section and there you can choose your preferred shipping Method.

You can choose DHL Next Day for the United States and Expresspost for Canada.

If you are ordering from outside the US and Canada, please contact me for a quote.

-If you have any questions or if you would like me to customize this piece or create custom made jewellery for you, please contact me by going to my contact page:  I return messages promptly.

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