My Mission

My Goal is to create beautiful, high quality jewellery and run my business while being Socially and Eco conscious. I try to be as kind to the earth, people and animals as possible.

    My Jewellery is an expression of my heart, a joy to create, made with passion. I am filled with excitement working with all these rare and beautiful materials. I really enjoy the creative process, it fills me with peace and I hope the joy shows in each piece.

    I design my jewellery to be as comfortable, functional and durable as possible. Jewellery is very personal, it is worn on the body all day long, so it must move with you and feel luxurious.

   I try to always be aware of my impact on the earth, people and animals around me. Not only when I am creating my jewellery or running my business, but, all the time.

     I am trying to find Earth Friendlier, Animal friendlier, Ethical and Energy Efficient was to create my jewellery and run my business.

    It is not easy to make jewellery that is totally Eco friendly, it is not always possible. I do use new stones and metals too, but, I try to offset my impact on the earth by Up cycling Vintage and Post consumer stones, glass, found items, beach glass and so much more.

      All my jewellery & accessories are mindfully created with as many cruelty free materials as possible, but, my Vegan Friendly pieces are created without any animal materials.

     I love animals and go out of my way to use Animal friendly materials like Portuguese Cork instead of leather and other alternatives, but, not every piece would be considered Vegan friendly because some of my creations are made with organic materials like pearls, shells, Vintage bone & horn as well as things I find on the beach, etc. I am very careful with every part of the process when creating vegan-friendly jewellery.

    I use as mainly non-toxic, animal friendly glues and products to clean and finish the jewellery (with very few exceptions).  I use mainly hand tools and I work in daylight as much as possible saving some energy (not always possible during the cold, dull winter months). 

   I use all sorts of natural things, even things from the kitchen. Instead of using the usual chemicals to oxidize silver I use natural methods, sometimes I use eggs (free run eggs).

  These methods do take a great deal more time and energy, but, it feels so good to create and be kinder to the earth.

  I have incredible jewellery materials because I have been collecting antique & vintage jewellery, stones and beads most of my life. I have been restoring antique & vintage jewellery for over 20 years and while repairing the old jewelry I have learned some of the old master’s secrets and learned how to make jewellery that will last.  

   I Upcycle or Recycle as much Sterling Silver and other metals as possible, I use scrap and broken piece of Vintage & Post Consumer jewellery. I cut, hammer, shape, file, texturize and create a completely new piece of jewellery. I prefer to upcycle instead of using recycled, processed metals.  I restore old chain, clasps, pendants, etc and use them in my new creations. Nothing is wasted.

    I create every piece by hand here in Canada, I purchase most of my materials locally here in Canada and some from small business in United States or Europe, I use the highest quality materials I can find, I Up-cycle as many Vintage & Post-consumer materials as possible, I use Eco Friendlier packaging and shipping materials and I strive to run a sustainable, ethical business.

    Creating my jewellery and running my business in this way is time consuming, expensive, but it is worth it because it brings me harmony and peace.

    Many of the materials I use were not created in an eco-friendly way, but I try to offset that by doing my best to be kind to the earth. I only hope my efforts will inspire others to find ways to make our workshops, offices and business more earth friendly.

  I am trying to be a more ethical artisan and business person, I am learning, trying to do better and hopefully inspiring others in the process.

 Why is my Jewellery Eco Friendlier?

-I use as many non-toxic materials as possible while creating my jewellery including things from the kitchen, handmade polishing cloths, etc....

-I use more energy efficient practices in studio, workshop & office.

-I use as many hand tools as possible.

-I recycle metal scrap & other jewellery materials, paper, packaging, shipping materials.

-I upcycled metals as much as possible.

-I Upcycle vintage & post consumer gemstones & other materials when possible.

-I choose environmentally friendlier packaging materials, eco friendlier tape & stickers; printing on Forest Stewardship Council [FSC] certified and recycled paper, etc... I also sometimes use vintage or dead stock materials for packing and shipping.

-I use recycled paper gift boxes as well as recyclable reusable containers & cloth bags.

-I use as many Cruelty Free, Non-toxic Vegan friendly glues & products as possible.

-I create many Vegan friendly jewellery creations, without any animal materials and no animal materials or products were used to create them.

 -I keep my workshop as Green and Joyful as possible, just as I do my home.


   My goal is to create a sustainable business that can last a lifetime. I create my jewellery while making the least impact on the environment as possible.

   I create my jewellery with minimal power, and I have the unique ability to create my jewellery using so many different materials that can be easily reproduced like glass, recycled materials, found objects, post consumer materials like vintage gemstones & old jewellery materials.

   I choose to run my busing using the most environmentally friendlier materials for the office, shipping as well as creating jewellery.

local economy.

  I hope to educate people, to encourage other businesses to try to be more eco-friendly.

   I hope to expand my business and hire staff to help me grow my business & educate.

    I will continue connect and do business with other socially responsible business & artists and I will continue to learn & find more sustainable, more Eco-friendly methods and materials to keep my business growing in an earth friendly, harmonious way.

   I'm not perfect, but I am learning and trying to be a more eco-friendly, ethical artisan and business person. I appreciate all the help and knowledge I can find, So, I would appreciate your suggestions and connections to other business with the same goals.

 You as a consumer have the power to change the world!
You are voting with every dollar.