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Pixie Blue Studio Collection:
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   This collection was designed exclusively for Pixie Blue Studio, inspired by Ann Ivy Male, owner of Pixie Blue Studio here in Port Credit Ontario. 
Each piece was created inspired by things Ann loves, the colors, water, nature, music, dragonflies, feathers, her warm, friendly personality and more.
   Ann has a beautiful painting that was created for her with blues, turquoise and warn brown, they are the colors that flow through her studio. I love this painting, it makes me think of water, the reflection of the sky and trees on the shores of the lake as the water gently ripples on a calm day.
    This painting is also on her sign and as I stood looking at her sign, I realized it looks so much like some very unique stones I have called "Malachite Jasper", also called Calcite Jasper & Mystery Stone (Up-cycled composite Stone), it was uncanny how similar they are in color and variation of patterns on each stone.
    As you can see in the photo above left (Ann's Music Passion Jasper Necklace) how the stone in the necklace matches the painting hanging in her studio (above right), as if meant to be. 
  As I created this necklace, I not only incorporated the colors, but, also the Art Deco Style she loves and her love of music.  
I created many pieces in Sterling Silver as well as warm Copper. You can see the coppery brown color in the painting and the copper brings warmth to the coolest of blues.
  In the photo's above, you can see how the different metals accentuate the stones in a different way.
On the left (Passion Jasper Copper Pendant) you can see how the copper accentuates the  brownish tones and brings warmth to the blue. On the right (Feather Jasper Pendant Necklace) you can see how the silver accentuates the blues and brings a light, cool feel tot he stone, like a cool breeze were the feather can float.
I am an Eco Conscious, Animal loving artist. I make all my jewellery & accessories with love, in a Joyful, Eco Friendlier, smoke free atmosphere using mainly hand tools and the most Earth Friendly methods of construction and Cruelty Free materials as possible. I create every piece by hand, I try to Up-cycle and Re-purpose as many Vintage & Post-consumer materials whenever possible.
This little dragonfly is enjoying the music as it dangles from this wonderful Vintage Inspired bracelet (Dragonfly Song Bracelet). 
     I wire wrapped a combination of Antiqued Copper finished beads with a cooler blue crystal that sparkles and is accentuated by the warm antiqued copper & antiqued brass finished metals.
    Music, Dragonflies, Feathers are all things that express a free spirit while the design is elegant and delicate.

    The water inspired necklace above is made with Up-cycled and new Sterling Silver. The focal, pendant part of this necklace is made from a piece of silver I cut from a an old piece of broken vintage Sterling Silver jewellery. I shaped & textured it with a hammer, filled and polished it into this wonderful piece.

   I created this Water and Music Inspired Necklace with Sterling Silver and a  rare piece of aqua blue beach glass while walking along Lake, near my home.  I am always very excited when I find the rare blue glass. I don’t find many this color, so they are like little blue gems.
    I love to go for long walks along the lake with my husband. Here in Port Credit we are surrounded by lovely parks and walking paths that go all along the water. We enjoy the beauty of the lake, the fresh air, just relaxing and taking photos of local wild life, the water shaped landscape, beautiful trees and so much more. We really enjoy searching the little beaches for a rare piece of beach glass, shells, rocks, etc..
    I love creating jewellery with the rare pieces of beach glass we find on our walks. Each piece is a precious treasure. I always smile as they remind me of the beatify and movement of the water, the joy I felt finding it and the incredible peace.
    I us a single piece of wire to wrap each pendant, to represent the movement of water, with swirls and coils like eternal waves around the glass.
  I hope to express that joy and peace in my jewellery and I hope others can feel it too.
    I feel a sense of peace when I can re-purpose a found object, especially one that was once a broken discarded piece of glass that has been beautifully transformed by nature into a satin smooth treasure.
The Pixie Blue Collection:
Available by appointment or at the Pixie Blue Studio Events. Information bellow:

Music Fills The Room Amazonite Copper Necklace
Available Online Shop
  Music on the Beach Necklace 
Passion Jasper Copper Pendant
Available at Pixie Blue Studio
Cool Water Art Deco Inspired Necklace
Available Online Shop
Blue Angel Song Necklace
Dragonfly Love Music Too Necklace
Available at Pixie Blue Studio
Silver Ocean Foam Necklace
Available at Pixie Blue Studio
  Feather Jasper Pendant Necklace 
Forward Hematite Arrow Bracelet
Available Online Shop
Art Deco Sapphire Copper Necklace
  Water Music Art Deco Inspired Blue Chalcedony Necklace
Available Online Shop
  Ann's Music Passion Jasper Necklace-NOT AVAILABLE
Sapphire Copper Dragonfly Necklace
Available Online Shop
Blue Song Art Deco Inspired Festoon Necklace
Available Online Shop
Dragonfly Jasper Pendant Necklace
Available Online Shop
Copper Freshwater Cultured Pearl Lariat Necklace 
Available Online Shop
Jasper Copper Song Treble Cleft Pendant
Available at Pixie Blue Studio
Musical Blue Sky Bracelet
Available at Pixie Blue Studio
Rich Musical Pendant Necklace
Available Online Shop
Dragonfly Song Bracelet
Available at Pixie Blue Studio
Blue Amazonite Sky Song Necklace
Available at Pixie Blue Studio
  Musical Gems Charm Bracelet 
Available at Pixie Blue Studio
  Painters Passion Bracelet
Available Online Shop
  Titanium Quartz Lava Stone Wrap Lariat Necklace
Available Online Shop
Please call to find out about events or make an apointment to Purchase from Pixie Blue Studio:

Pixie Blue Studio

Owner: Ann Ivy Male

Phone (905) 990 - 7494

Address: 299 Lakeshore Rd. East, Mississauga, ON, L5G-1H3