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Musical Summer Evening Necklace-Arlene Paculan Inpsired

Posted by Jacqueline Neves on

  Music can sooth the soul and inspire creativity. This is my Arleen Paculon Inspired Necklace called “Musical Summer Necklace”

   This is a positive story I want to share with you, about how music can soothe he soul and inspire creativity.

   It was a beautiful hot, sunny Sunday but it was a difficult day for me due to my back pain and Fibromyalgia. I was very sore and extremely tired, but I didn't let it bring me down, I love to fight back!

   I refuse to let pain win! I won't give the negative power, so I push myself to be creative to make something beautiful, therefore the day is remembered and celebrated by something positive and all negative memories are transformed into beauty.

  Being creative is a wonderful gift that brings me peace and joy. I can disappear into my work, I flow with peaceful creativity, I sing, pray, create and enjoy.

  The winters are long, so during the warmer months I try to work outside as much as possible. Some of my wire wrapping can be done while I sit comfortably, with my feet up. I can relax and heal while I am creating.

   I went outside and sat in the sunshine, shaded by the beautiful big maple tree. The sunlight flickering as the leaf's fluttered in the breeze.

  I had a lovely cup of tea and my table was covered in stones, crystals, wire and tools. How could pain get me down?

  I was looking through my stones when I heard singing, it was the voice of Arlene Paculan, she is a talented young singer, song writer and musician. I love her songs; her voice is beautiful, and I wondered where it was coming from. It was so clear, and it filled the neighborhood. I looked at my phone and saw online that she was performing at the Memorial Park for the Summer Concert Series here in Port Credit.

  I thought it would be great to walk over to the park and see her perform, but I was sore and I realized that I could hear her perfectly as I sat there comfortably, resting.

   As I listened to her sing, I started making a necklace. I chose a rich gold-plated quartz crystal and gold-plated lava rock and I wire wrapped them with antiqued brass finished wire.

  I felt so happy and relaxed, Arleen’s music lifted me up.  I was surrounded by my lovely, colorful flowers, gorgeous monarch butterflies feeding on their nectar and as the sun starred to go down and it got a little cooler, the bunny rabbits came out on the grass.

    I wrapped the wire around the stones almost effortlessly with the music, creating a cheerful, warm golden necklace that represent the golden sunshine and the magic of Arlene’s music.  

   When I finished that necklace,  I felt so happy and grateful for all the beauty and music. I knew I had to write about the necklace and how she inspired me.

   You need to listen to this talented artist Arleen Paculon  her music will inspire you too.

  Thank you for reading my story. Find what inspires you.

   Have a peaceful day.





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