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I Love Monday Morning!

Posted by Jacqueline Neves on


I love Monday mornings! Yes, I love Monday Mornings! I wake up with a feeling of excitement, looking forward to the week ahead. My mind is full of creative visions and Ideas that came to my mind as I relaxed  and had fun with my Husband all day.

   Sunday is our day, Its very important to have that time together, alone, to let the mind and body relax. We love to walk in nature, by the lake, the beach, the beautiful parks in Toronto, Mississauga or we get on the train and explore and take lot's of photo's.

     We also love the city, especially the Antique markets, art supply shops, handmade markets, bead shops and we get all sorts of creative ideas. I get visions of jewellery to create, up cycled clothing ideas and for painting, but, I don’t have much time for anything but my jewellery these days. My husband and I love to paint, he is a talented abstract artist, he has a git.

     We start our Sundays renewing our souls with music, singing as we worship and listen to inspiring messages of love. Then we go to get something to eat, coffee and tea, then off we go exploring and having fun.

  In the warmer months, we usually bring a picnic and go to the lake or one of the beautiful parks in the area.

   I live with chronic pain and my pain specialist tells me to walk everyday, as much as possible to help me, it’s not easy, but my husband really encourages me to walk, he knows how important it is and plus it’s easier when your having fun. We take it easy, I can sit and rest and we enjoy the day. 

   Monday is difficult physically after a busy Sunday, but  I am filled with excitement and creative ideas and that excitement takes over. I can rest, create and be restored.  Being creative is an incredible gift, it brings me so much joy and helps me deal with my chronic pain, fibromyalgia, OCD, etc. Art and being creative has always been part of my life, it comes from my soul, this is how I express myself. Art is also therapy, it’ is spiritual for me, I disappear into a place of peace, love, and joy.

   I am writing this in the hopes I will inspire you to take some time to relax and restore. Walk, Sing, Laugh, Explore, Mediate, Pray, Create and have fun.

   Try to find time each day and take a whole day if you can. Put your phone on airplane, cut yourself off from the interruptions and stress of everyday life. Slow down, breath and find some peace.

     When you relax, your mind and body restore, and you can be more positive, and you can get excited about Mondays too.

  Well, I just finished my rose hip and hibiscus tea and I am ready to create.

  I wish everyone a Happy Monday filled with peace, joy and creativity.

                                                                              Love Jacqueline






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