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Broken Sunglass Quick Fix

Posted by Jacqueline Neves on

What do you do when your favorite sunglass break while you’re out for a walk on a bright sunny day? well, I had to figure that out in a hurry.

   My dear Husband and I went for a walk in High Park, in Toronto a few weeks ago. It was a glorious hot sunny day, we packed a lunch and planned to spend the whole afternoon exploring the beautiful old park, it's wandering paths, visit the animals in the zoo, enjoy the flowers, the ponds and just have fun, but, as we were walking towards the Zoo, my sunglass fell off.

    I was so surprised, I thought they had broken, but, they didn't, it was just that the tinny screw that held the arm to the rest of the glass had fallen out. I looked to see if I could find it, but, even with my keen eyes for finding tiny beads and things couldn't find it, so I finally had to give up searching and find a solution. 

   The sun was shining intensely, and I am very sensitive to the light, so I really needed my sunglass. I tried to hold them in place as we walked, but, it was such a nuisance to keep my hand up to hold them, so I decided to sit down in the shade, go through my bag to find something I could use to attach the arm to the glass's.

   I usually always carry some beads, wire and my mini tools, but, not that day. I tried so many different ways to attach it: a twist tie we found, a piece of string, a piece of nylon from my hat, anything we could fit through the holes where the screw went, but nothing worked.

   Then I looked at my bracelet, a lovely blue and purple beaded bracelet I made on memory wire (sparkly purple fire polished glass beads and blue Czech Pressed glass leaf's). I made it with little beaded, wire wrapped leaf dangles on the ends of the bracelet, and I thought I could take it apart and use the wire I to attach the arm to my sunglass.


   I took of one of the dangles off the end of the bracelet and straightened out some of the wire, but I had to leave the blue leaf and bead attached, then, I stuck it through the holes in the arm and glass, and wallah, it worked. 

   I was so happy I could wear my glass again; I didn't want to miss the sunshine.  I walked around all day with a pretty little blue leaf sticking out from my glass, it looked even more intense as the sunlight illuminated the blue aurora finish on the glass. 

     Nothing was going to stop us from enjoying that beautiful day! all it took was a little creativity & patience to find a solution, then we had a wonderful time, it was so beautiful it seemed almost magical. 

     Dont let anything stop you from enjoying life. Get creative and find ways to make things work for you. There is always a way to work things out if you look outside the box and if you dont mind being a little different or wearing a luminous little blue leaf :)

     Here are some photo's I took that day in the park. I hope you enjoy them and I hope I inspire you to get creative and dont sweat the little things.

Have a peaceful and creative day.

Jacqueline ♥

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