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Honored to be part of the Arts on the Credit Art Show

Posted by Jacqueline Neves on


    I am honored to announce that I have been chosen to do the Arts on Credit Fine Art show this April 23rd, 24th & 25th, 2019.

   This is a fabulous, curated Fine Art Show including visual art: paintings, photography, three dimensional art: ceramics, wood, textiles, glass and jewellery.

   This is a prestigious annual Fine Art Show held at the beautiful Waterside Inn  located right here in Port Credit, overlooking the lake, Marina and The Credit River. I am thrilled to be part of it this year, this will be my first time doing this show, but, I have been part of the Arts on the Credit Art Tour and the Jewels on the Credit show.

   It feels wonderful to show my jewellery along side so many talented Fine Artists. I am a self taught artisan, no formal training and quite shy, so in the past I did not have the confidence to apply for a fine art show, although it was a dream and goal.

  Jewellery is a very competitive art form.Way back, I was told by so many people that fashion jewellery was the way to go for a jewellery designer, but, I have always called my self a jewellery Artist, because my jewellery is wearable art. Some people thought I was being pretentious calling myself a jewellery artist, but, I really enjoy creating my jewellery, it is not only my art, but, my therapy and how I express myself. It is my passion and so rewarding.

    I live with disabilities and chronic pain, so doing shows is very difficult for me, but, with the help and support of my dear husband, we have enjoyed doing many different shows. 

  Selling online is so much easier for me, so I built my first website and started selling online in 2009, I have an Etsy shop: Water Rhythm Gems and I built this new online store:, but, it's easy to hide behind a computer when your shy, in pain, dyslexic and live with OCD. It has been a blessing because my business had grown and allowed me to sell and ship my jewellery all over the world: Austria, England, Scotland, France, Norway, all over the US, etc.,

    Spelling and numbers are extremely difficult, so the computer is amazing! it is very difficult to handle money at shows, especially when there are large crowds, but, my husband is a wonderful help and he can take over and let me be the artist.

   We have done quite a few Artisan shows, for Mississauga Arts Council, Visual Arts Mississauga, but, Marie Paine has encouraged me and given me the confidence to apply for these Fine Art shows. I  was accepted to do the Port Credit Art Tour and the Jewels on the Credit and I will be part of the Art Wear Show this October. My jewellery is availing on the Arts on the Credit Art Shop.

   I am really looking forward to this show in April, to join so many talented artists, it will be amazing!

  Thank you to  Marie Payne Elysia Prokopetz Debby de Groot and all the other incredibly talented, inspiring artists. Arts on the Credit is a really friendly group of artist, so encouraging, just wonderful. I now I have the confidence to follow my dreams.

Arts on the Credit Fine Art Show

Tickets are now available at

The Waterside Inn Hotel & Conference Centre
15 Stavebank Road South, Mississauga, Ontario L5G 2T2     toll-free: (877) 264-7770     (905) 891-7770   



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