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In my Happy Place, Creating my Amethyst Universe Pendant

Posted by Jacqueline Neves on


  When I am creating jewellery, I am in my Happy Place, it's amazing, its a gift in so many ways. No matter what is happening in my life, no mater how stressful life gets, no matter how much pain I'm experiencing that day (Fibromyalgia, Back Pain, etc.) I leave the world behind and escape into my happy place. I relax and dream, I pray and I have fun!.

  When I get up in the morning, after making breakfast and kissing my Husband goodby as he goes off to wok, play with my hamster a little,  then I make cup of tea and walk into my workshop.My happy room.  I start with and meditation and then start having fun.

   I start playing by picking up stones, looking thorough box's of old stones, beads and fabulous boxes of vintage treasures that inspire me.

  Sometimes I go through a box of broken silver, choose a piece to work with, to cut, shape, hammer, whatever my hands feel like doing, I just go with it.

  I am so fortunate to have my own workshop, it's not big, but it's perfect for me. It is my special place for me, a room where I can relax and create. It is bright on sunny days, but, on dull winter days I have pretty colorful mosaic lamps and relaxing candles to keep it cozy. I use essential oils, sometime I use orange in the morning to get started.  No matter what is happening at home, the rule is that this room must be always be a  peaceful place.

  My work table is right in front of a window so I have natural light to work with during the day. I  have a wonderful view. I watch squirrels playing as they jump through the trees and birds. We don't have as many birds during the winter, but, we do have lot's of cardinals, and chickadee's as well and majestic Hawks soaring high above.

  I use mainly hand tools, no soldering, no chemicals, so I can keep some pretty things in my workshop. I have my computer and desk in there too. I try to use the least electricity as possible to keep my carbon foot print low. 

  As I disappear into my happy place and start working, I get so many ideas and visions. Sometimes I put a lot of symbolism into my jewellery and I like to tell people what inspired me or what I was envisioning as I was creating a piece.

  This Amethyst pendant is very special, one of those pieces with so much meaning.  I wanted to express unlimited love and peace.

   I love to use old Sterling silver, to re-purposing & up cycle, as I did with this pendant. 

    I used piece of Vintage Sterling Silver to create a circle. The circle represents Gods arms wrapped around the universe, embracing us with unlimited love,  in total control, loving and caring for all of us with intense compassion.

  I envsiond that when we are open to accept the love, we are fill with peace, joy, strength and the desire to share the love and fill the world with peace and compassion.

     I hammered and polished the circle to cerate a fabulous texture that reflect light wonderfully, like the light and love of God, then I chose some gorgeous Amethyst stones, round, oval, faceted rectangular and other shapes.

   The Purple represent Royalty, just as they have been used for thousands of years, they also represent us, and the sterling silver wire represents our paths in life.

   Each stone is different just as we are all different, but we are all part of the same family, just as all the stone are one family, but, all different, they vary in shades from deep purple to lavender Amethyst.

  I wanted this pendant to remind you that you are speical, you are loved, you were creative to love, you are special, you have many paths to follow, but you have nothing to fear. We should remember to love every one because we are all family!

    This would be a wonderful gift for someone with a February Birthday because Amethyst the traditional  February Birthstone.

  This  One of a Kind, purple Gemstone pendant hangs on an Italian, diamond cut rolo style chain. 

      ♥ I love making jewellery, it’s a gift, so I make all my jewellery with prayers and blessings for a Long, Happy, Healthy, Peaceful & Prosperous Life!

You can purchase this pendant Now

  Thank you for stopping by to read my blog. I hope you have a peaceful day:)


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